Lung Screening CT Patient Prep

New research from the National Cancer Institute shows CT lung screening reduces lung cancer deaths by 20%. Learn more.

CT imaging has advanced rapidly as new innovations have made this technology faster and more precise than ever, allowing more of the patientís anatomy to be scanned with greater clarity and in less time. With these enhancements, the benefits of CT scanning have grown to include Lung Screening. Because newer CT technology allows a scan to be performed in a patientís single breath-hold, we have virtually eliminated any artifacts caused by respiratory motion that can impair image quality. This aspect is particularly critical in performing a pulmonary exam.

In recent medical journals, CT of the lungs has been found to detect cancers four times more frequently then chest x-ray, and at a substantially smaller size. It is significantly more sensitive and specific in the assessment of pulmonary nodules than chest x-ray.

Washington Radiology offers lung screening CT to select patients at risk of having lung cancer (smokers, patients age 60+) and ex-smokers. The volume of available images helps our radiologists identify smaller lung nodules which may lead to earlier detection, diagnosis and treatment of disease. At WRA, we follow nodules utilizing the most current and researched practice protocols to help minimize potential screening concerns while maximizing the sensitivity and specificity of lung nodule detection. Our current lung nodule management protocol is being used by some of the most well-respected research centers across the country today.

WRA performs Lung Screening CT upon order by a referring physician. Please consult with your primary care doctor if you have any questions about this study.

Lung Screening CT is typically not covered by insurance. Check with your insurance plan prior to scheduling any study at WRA.

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Washington Radiology provides imaging services for patients upon referral from a physician. Patients are seen by appointment. However, emergencies do occur and we make every attempt to accommodate these cases. To schedule your CT study at Washington Radiology, please call: (703) 280-9800